Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We all know we will not live forever, but most of us can hardly predict the future. If you are a wealthy person, you need professional estate planning experts to create an elaborate estate plan that will make life easier for your loved ones after you’re gone. Making an estate plan is crucial, so formalizing it is something that you need to handle as soon as possible. 

Our estate planning experts at Revity Wealth are equipped with some of the best planning tools wealthy people need to safeguard their legacies, making their wealth have a direct and lasting impact on different generations. Our goal with this service is to help our clients preserve the wealth they have worked so hard to achieve across both planned and unanticipated life events. 

Our estate planning experts always take their time to come up with an elaborate estate plan that specifies how our clients want their wealth and assets to be distributed in certain circumstances, such as after their death or in the event of incapacitation. 

Some estate planning essentials for clients include asset titling and beneficiary designations, wills, power of attorneys, advanced directives, life insurance, trusts, an estate plan, and tax planning.

Through our estate planning services, we will help our clients;

Identify a trusted person that will make decisions if they become incapacitated.
Specify a reliable person to care for the minor children in case of death or incapacitation;
Minimizes taxes, notably estate taxes and other transfer taxes;
Manage and plan for probate, which is a legal process aimed at valuing their estates, paying taxes, settling debts, and transferring their assets to their next of kin after they're gone.